We have some nominated factories having different certifications like BSCI, Sedex, Oeko-Tex, Warp, Accord certificate etc and working experienced with reputed international Buyer which is summarized below:

Some Selected Factories
Factory Name Type Certificate No. Of Worker No. of Mechine Production capacity Floor Space (Square Fit) Work with Buyer
Haseen Kayaba Group Knit BSCI, Oeko-Tex, Sedex, Warp, Accord, 3000 1198 1700000 Pcs/Month 2,53,500 More, U.S. Polo Assn, Slazenger, Sears, Watson Integrity, Ahold, Pizza Italia, Impulse, North River, Champion, Young Spirit, Clique, Cherokee, Celio
Unique Designers Limited Knit BSCI, Sedex, Wal-Mart(Yellow), TESCO(Green) 1550 704 1100000 Pcs / Month 100,000 WAL-MART/GEORGE, Tape e loeil, Piazza, Conbipel, Springfield, Sainsebury, Dimensions
The Ayman Textile and Hosiery Ltd. Knit BSCI, Oeko-Tex, Accord, GOTS, OCS 3000 1597 2500000 Pcs/Month 300,000 Lidl, Cotton Traders, New Wave, Solo Invest, Pepco, Aldi, Matalan
Ibrahim Knit Garments (Pvt.) Ltd Knit ISO9001-2008, BSCI, Oeko-Tex, Accord, MCS 2200 530 900000 Pcs/Month 145,748 PRIMARK, STARGATE, MANGO, PEACOCKS, SEARS.
Aftabunnesa Garments Ltd. Knit BSCI, Oeko-Tex 850 470 360000 Pcs/month 35,000 Savante- USA, Trespass – Scotland, HFG-Netherlands, LPP- Poland, Ideal Line, Manufatture Vignola, Sky T-shirt Srl -Italy, DS Textile- Denmark.



Muazuddin Textile Ltd. Knit ISO9001-2008, BSCI, Oeko-Tex, Sedex, Warp, Accord, Alliance 5500 2400 3300000 Pcs/Month 213000 In Europe: Fila, Coop, Inditex, Woolworth, Adlar, Daniel Hechter, Auchan, Snickers Europ AB, Metro, Takko, Orchestra, Pizza Italia. Lidi, Aldi, Newyorker, C & A, Primark, Rewe, Ernesting Family, NKD, KIABI.
In USA: Wal-Mart, Sears, VF Asia, NTD,US Polo, Aeropostal, Kids HQ.
In Others: Russia – Ostin,
Australia – Cotton On Group, Specialty Fashion Group, Woolworth.
Radial International Ltd. Knit BSCI, Oeko-Tex, Sedex, Warp, Accord, TESCO 1250 566 1430000 Pcs/Month 1,50,000 Germany: G. Gueldenpfenning GmbH, Promtex, Karl Rieker GmbH. Girolstein GmbH, Blues Clothing. Lidl, Aldi, Tehibo, Ernsting’s Family, Rewe(Tom Tino). The Netherlads: Franket Schute GmbH, France: LA HALLE, Etam. ETC JEAN BUISSART ET CIE Finland: OY Texet Finland AB, England: Norwest Industries Ltd, George Poeticgem, Metaln , Burton ,Sainsbury, Source & Design, Tesco, BHS, Debenham Spain: New Wave Sportswear SA, Lefties. Sweden: Texet AB , New Wave Mode AB., Switzerland: New Wave Group SA, Italy: Gruppo Coin SPA, Ricaledis, OVS. Turkey: Tema Magazacilik, Seven Hill. Denmark: ICHI, B. Young. USA: Kmart, Walmart, Aeropostale.
Knittex Industries Ltd Knit BSCI, Oeko-Tex, Sedex, Accord, GOTS 1525 580 410000 Pcs/Month 200,000 Hakro, Mascot, Yonex, Bilka, Zellers & Texman
Mazib Fashions Ltd. Knit BSCI 450 140 152000 Pcs/Month 30,000 B&C. (Belgium Direct Supplier), Sport-2000 Gmbh Germany, Moravia Propag, s.r.o Czech Republic, Nomismo Industrial A.G Liechtenstein, Garland Bridge Europe Limited. U.K, s), Moon Leisure wear Limited. U.K, Capri SRL ITALIA, Nath Bangladesh (Spain), Golden penny (Texas), Auchan Textail (France)
Sigma Fashion Ltd Woven ISO9001-2008, BSCI, Sedex, Accord, SOCAM 1,250 708 300,000 Pcs/Month 31,500 BHS, SAINSBURY, C&A, JEANS FRITZ, KIK, DEFRA, JOE FRESH, KENNETH COLE, JCPENNEY
Givensee Garments Ltd. Woven BSCI, Warp, Accord, Wal-Mart, Alliance, SFG 1,600 960 400000 Pcs/ Month 80,000 Tema Magazacilik, Cia.Hering, Wal-Mart, Falabella, Inditex, Jordache.
Zas Apparels (PVT.)Ltd. Woven BSCI, Sedex, Warp, Accord 920 396 2,00,000 Pcs /Month 97,500 Forever21, Manifattura Corona, Gourand, Liwe, Group Zannier, Norwest, Reliance, Siplec, Tko Evolution, Aldi, Osmal, GDM, Logo Club, SFG, Atlas, Stokomini, Rlachuelo, La Halle
Aftabunnesa Garments Ltd. Woven BSCI, Oeko-Tex 1,050 607 200,000 Pcs/Month 55,000 Piazza Italia, Sky T-shirt Srl, Bruigi Spa, Unisports, Ideal Line- Italy; HFG, Jomo Fashion –Netherlands, Stanley (Work wear)- UK.
Mint Apparel Ltd. Woven BSCI, ILO 800 358 150000 Pcs/Month 61000 EEC: George, Tesco, Sainsbury, Next. USA:Wal-mart, JCP, Target, Sears, Kmart.
PRS Apparels Ltd Woven BSCI, Sedex 1500 850 300000 Pcs/Month 700000 KOTON, PIONIER, GZUECK, ESTILOS, JOHN HOLDEN, NORTON UK
BHML Industries Ltd. Fully Fashion ISO9001-2008, BSCI, Oeko-Tex, Accord 1750 3GG Manual-200 , 5GG/7GG Jacquard Multi GG-200, 12 GG Jacquard-300 345000 Pcs/Month 150000 ALDI, LIDL, NEW YORKER, DAMART, LPP, HEMA, KENVELO, ASTONE TRADE, SANWA, TEMA, RIVER ISLAND, FOREVER21,
BKC SWEATER LTD. Fully Fashion BSCI, Sedex, Accord, ICS 1850 A) Manual: 12GG-350, 7GG-230, 5GG-120, 3GG-150, B) Jacquard Multi: 3GG, 5GG, 7GG-50, 12GG-200 330000 Pcs/Month 1,08,000 Orsay, JBC, PIMKIE, LA-HALLE, CHENGDA, HONEYS, TEIJIN